Resumonk Review: Top 10 Resume Builders

Resumonk Highlights

✔ Easy-to-use resume builder tool makes upgrading your image a breeze

✔ No sign up required, start creating your CV right away

✔ A quick and painless process to update your professional image

✔ A good variety of premade templates to help you on your process

✔ Import existing resumes and edit them on the site’s editor tool

✔ Unlike others, the site doesn’t provide you options to help fill in responses

✔ Simple interface and virtually no learning curve

✔ Start building your resume in no time, and start sending it to potential employers sooner

✔ Track the attention your CV has generated on the site, making it easier to find the best solution for you

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Resumonk Overview

Resumonk is a great and simple resume building tool designed to help make looking for a new job easier. Whether creating a new CV or importing an existing one, Resumonk’s online resume builder makes creating or updating your image a breeze with powerful features.

Features and Services

Resumonk is a very easy-to-use online resume builder. The site features a fantastic selection of available pre-made templates to help professionals get started quicker, with tried and tested presentations designed to grab recruiters’ attention. The resume builder takes users step by step in creating every aspect of their resumes. Although it doesn’t include auto-fill features with pre-written categories, it still does a fantastic job of helping users find the best things to say. While the CV builder may not offer as much customizability, it makes up for it in its ease of use and in how its features are so smoothly integrated.

Creating a CV is as easy as importing an existing CV from a document or a LinkedIn page. Resumonk allows you to import your resume and then edit it on their resume builder, a feature that makes updating your professional image a quick and painless process. The online resume builder also allows users to save and export their CVs in a wide variety of formats. From links on Twitter and Facebook, to .doc formats as well as PDF, Resumonk ensures that your CV is easily viewable in any way. The site also features a great knowledge library, filled with writing tips, keywords and sample resumes.


Resumonk features a great free option that allows users to create a resume free of cost and save it online. It also allows you limited functionality in downloading it. The free version limits some templates and customizability. The site also features a yearly and lifetime membership option $19 and $59, respectively. Both allow you to create multiple CVs, download in different formats, and provide a greater range of customizability. They both offer great value, but for a slightly larger price, the lifetime option gives you the ability to constantly keep your CV up to date, making it more worth the investment.

Ease of use

Resumonk’s online CV builder is incredibly easy to use. From start up to CV, the resume builder will take you step by step and advise on the content you should be including in each section. The interface is easy to learn and intuitive, and it features a very low learning curve. The site also allows you to import existing an existing CV, making the process even easier. For users who are struggling, Resumonk also has a great knowledge library. Resumonk’s site design also makes it a wonderfully easy site to navigate, and lets users focus on the important aspects of resume building.

Customer Support

Resumonk is available through form of by email. In both cases, the support team was quick to respond and offered great service and quick solutions to most problems. The support team usually responds within a day or two, and are always happy to help and very polite.

Pros and Cons

✔ Easy-to-use interface makes building CVs a quick and easy solution

✔ A great variety of pre-made templates lets professionals find the exact image they need to ace their interview

✔ Importing ability makes editing or updating your professional image a simple process that takes no time at all

- Lack of customizability options makes creating something unique slightly more difficult

- The site doesn’t include an option to auto-fill categories with pre-written samples, making creating new content sometimes difficult

- Premium features are not necessarily revolutionary or exclusive


Resumonk offers professionals a great and easy alternative to create their resumes. The site’s online resume builder is a great solution for professionals on the go, or looking to enter the workforce. Log in now and discover the simple way to create a great, new professional image. 

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