Resume Secrets: The Top 5 Things Recruiters Look For

Whether you are looking for your first job or are seeking a career change, job hunting can be a daunting task. Almost every opening requires you to submit a resume and that resume is often the first glimpse a potential employer gets of your qualifications. 

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Get the Job with these 6 Tips for Your Best Resume

Whether you are looking to land the perfect job, launch a new career, get into the school of your dreams, or get into the army, it's necessary to first get your foot in the door. This can prove difficult as there are often multiple people applying for a single spot. Therefore, it's crucial that you are able to hook the recruiter or HR manager without ever meeting them. 

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Compare the Best Online Resume Builder Tools and Impress Recruiters

Writing the perfect resume is a time consuming process.  Competition for careers is high and employers want to see polished candidates with strong resumes that standout from the crowd.  Don’t get lost in the stack; ensure your resume is noticed by employers by using an easy resume builder. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Resume Builders

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive despite the over-abundance of available job positions. Even minimum wage jobs require a comprehensive resume with assessments and several professional references. 

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7 Words to Grab the Attention of Anyone Who Picks Up Your Resume

It is hard trying to get the attention of certain employers. It seems like they want more than anyone can provide. As you work on a resume builder online, create a document that is designed only to stick out. Use a collection of action words that are not like the clichés found on other resumes. 

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10 Words and Phrases to Avoid on Your Resumé

Whether you're using resumé builder software to write your resumé or writing it manually, you want to look your best to any potential employer. You want to show off your experience, your abilities and any specialized skills that can help you get the job you're applying for. But did you know there are certain words and phrases that you're better off omitting if you want to be considered seriously?

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Top 5 Resume Builders Sites